Moscow Ski&Board Salon / Ski Build Expo trade shows (23-25 October 2015)

Why should SPORT BRANDS unite at Moscow Ski&Board Salon / Ski Build Expo trade shows (24-26 October2014)?


Let us try to find the truth and answer this question together! Meditation of the team of Moscow Ski&Board Salon / Salon Expo E-Magazine facebook:


1. There is no getting around advertising your brand (and Russia is no exception):

— It is always necessary to attract new customers and retain the existing ones

— Constant search for ways to promote your brand with B2C clients

— Creation of events with the optimum budget of expenditures

— Working with press and distribution of press releases.


If you happen to be facing these challenges — we have the same goals — and we will try and be useful for you with our PR-resources and our PR-venues!


2. What we have in common is working with one and the same type of service consumer — the industry professionals (wholesale buyers, sports shops) and the lover of active lifestyle!


3. We will not try to entice you with «free services» and the bonuses that you do not need. Yes, we will ask for money)))

Not the crazy kind of money, of course. For example: 6 square meters of equipped area — on condition of payment in JUNE 2014 — will cost you 1760 Euros. What will we give you in return?


— If you become a partner/exhibitor of «Moscow Ski&Board Salon» in January 2014 — you get a whole year of active PR support, and we are serious.

— Regretfully, most people (even the industry specialists) tend to think that the trade fair is only about three days' work — and fail to connect our show with its promotion resources. They are wrong to think so!

— Collaboration with the team of Moscow Ski&Board Salon is the weekly e-magazine Salon Expo with its mass sending client base:


42 thousand Russian-language addresses, 12 thousand English-language addresses, the site (average attendance during the day — 1500 hosts, directly before and during the exhibition — up to 40 thousand views).


— We on social media sites: Facebook — over 3500 direct contacts, Vkontakte — over 1500.

— Direct cooperation with and publishing your newsbreaks at the leading Russian websites dedicated to the outdoor and skiing industries (over 20 websites total).


Thus, provided PR support, your company not only receives a one-time participation in Moscow Ski&Board Salon (2013 stats: 50 thousand visitors, Internet coverage — 48 sites, number of video views — more than 21 thousand) but A WHOLE YEAR PR support with more than 150 thousand contacts several times a mont! In this case, the cost per contact (absolutely target audience — journalists, agencies, operators, business owners, athletes, people who are interested in Outdoor) will be much lower — in comparison with the standard conditions of accommodation of advertising pages/banners in the press.



1760 Euros / 6 square meters of equipped exhibition area / payment in JUNE 2014 = participation in 21st Moscow Ski&Board Salon + PR support on the Internet during one year). This is a real deal!


Examples of our PR campaigns in the mountains and for the mountains:

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Who to contact:

Anton Mizonov/   Sergey Voloshin/  

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